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Often time we come across tales of success and achievement that you could turn into a bedtime story for children to encourage them in that despite challenges, better days are ahead. The stories that we tend to remember however are the spookie ones, the eerie ones that make you feel like this could have been you. It could have been your company. Everything seemed right, but then the descent started and it is not done yet.

The story of Yahoo! (which some of us try to say is not finished …ie I still own Yahoo! stocks), is just a melodrama of one hit and several misses. It is even sadder that they came up with some pretty phenomenal ideas, to only get beaten later on by the very people they inspire in the first place. O the acquisitions that kept coming and never produced any results. All in all, it is just a pretty sad story of a Giant Company that could…..

The Brutal Decline of Yahoo!

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