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In conversations that I have with clients and friends where I go on and on about the effectiveness and the flexibility of WordPress as platforms, the question which usually follows that of the best WordPress plug-ins is to know where to find the best WordPress themes. Having experimented with many premium WordPress themes and installed several professional themes, I have compiled a list of the usual suspects which I visit in my quest for a viable theme for the idea that I am testing in the lab.


When you do not want to spend a lot of time browsing around. They keep a tally of all the great themes by category. Premium WordPress Themes, templates, and free premium WordPress theme are described and reviewed to help you find a theme to make your WordPress site look great.

The Thesis Theme for WordPress

Thesis is a theme that is ready to go out of the box. Many people who do not care about the design flexibility or the need to create a unique (non-deja-vu) experience would default to Thesis. The selling point of the platform is that it is SEO Ready out of the box. Thesis makes SEO simple, but there is no theme that makes you rank higher than any other, and Thesis does not achieve anything that any other theme with a couple of plug-ins does not. If you are in the market for a rapid and simple solution, this is definitely for you.


For small and large business owners and for, Templatic is a real God-send. The themes are highly advanced and extremely customizable. There are very few non-aggregation websites out there that provide such a diversity of high quality of WordPress themes.


I am biased to Theme Junkie. They have been around for a very long time, and I have used every theme they have created. This site is a good for bloggers. The themes are built with a strong emphasis on user experience. They are technical sound and yet require very little knowledge to customize. Their support team is one of the best around.


The wordpress marketplace by excellence. The variety of selection is impressive. There is something here for everyone. The issue is that because of the popularity of the website, you have to be willing to invest time in testing out multiple demos in order to find what you need. You have to sort out through much fluff to find the gems. Many of the WordPress themes that I have used come from this market place.


Other Theme resources are


http://www.solostream.com/ (not really modern)






http://www.woothemes.com/themes/ (one of the oldest around, they have been around the block)


http://www.gabfirethemes.com/ (very good for newspapers and magazines)

http://magazine3.com/themes/ (also very good for online mass publications)

http://pressjunkie.net/ (also very good for online mass publications)



http://pandathemes.com/ (best for start-ups)





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