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Raven ToolsSaying the folks at Raven Tools are the essence of effective innovation is an understatement. Indeed though there are many Internet Marketing tools out there, only few are as comprehensive and effective as the ones that we have seen out come out of Sitening. One may recall the Schema Creator tool launched back in July last year. Well now, they bring us a Google Analytics Configuration tool.

If you have ever had to run the Online Marketing effort of a multi-domain or enterprise website, you know that setting up the analytics tool in a way that help you collect meaningful and actionable data is your key to success. Many know that Google Analytics offers the same capabilities that all the “not-free” web analytics tool out tout as their competitive advantage. The challenge remains for every organisation how to set up the Google Analytics account and configure it so that it becomes a meaningful asset instead of just a repackaging of your server log raw data. Unfortunately not everybody is a “Certified Google Analytics Professional” or a programming maniac. Many people are just like me, as we love data, we love information, but we don’t want to spent valuable billable hours on setting up tools.

This is where the Google Analytics Configuration Tool from Raven Tools comes in.

Taylor Pratt explained that when it comes down to setting up GA and the corresponding goals and KPIs, he made a general observation which is that:

As I mined through the bottomless Google Analytics knowledge base and countless posts from Google Analytics experts, I noticed a trend: advice was inconsistent and, in many cases, outdated. So with the help of LunaMetrics, a Google Analytics Certified Partner, I put together tutorials and tools to simplify the setup process once and for all. – Taylor Pratt

So What is the big deal?
The website GaConfig.com does most of the work for you, and walks you through a step by step approach with in many cases a quality control checkpoint. You feed it your set up information, options and needs, and it takes you to process while giving you the appropriate codes. All you need to have ready to use the tool are your account number, your URL, and which syntax of Google Analytics you are planning on using. The best part of it all is that because the tool does not store any data on the site, there is no privacy concern to be worried about, not counting the fact that the tool is free.

There are 8 solutions available on the tool, and they are group according to whether you want to set the tools or your KPIs.

Google Analytics Account Set Up Solutions

  • Set up tracking for one domain with subdomains
  • Set up tracking for multiple domains with one subdomain
  • Set up Site Search
  • Set up 404 tracking

Google Analytics Goals and KPIs Sep Up Solutions

  • Track Events
  • Build URLs
  • Set up goals with Destination URLs
  • Track Facebook page and referrers


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