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A kid from the Motherland

Born in Togo in West Africa, I grew up understanding the meaning of overcoming challenges. My parents did their best to protect me and fed into all my fantasies. Not being wealthy made me creative very early. I spend hours in our backyard under the mango tree (and in it) creating epic battles and dramas using dead batteries as the characters (Thank God they come in many brands and many sizes). The Duracell and the Energizer ones where the protectors of the universe.

I read and read, and thank God no one discouraged me. By age 13 I had read (or gone through) all the books in our house. Conan Doyle, Dumas, Plato, Rousseau, Moliere, Shakespeare were in my head, though I would only grasp the quality of their work years later. My father then invested in my getting access to computers. I was writing MS Dos macros when people around me had never seen a computer.

How I fell in Love

I came to the US to attend Florida Tech and immediately started craving for African music. In 2001 it was quasi impossible to have access to Zouk or African music online, legally. I was approached by DJ Jam, and other DJs in my sophomore year to join a project that would change the face of African Music online. An incredible network of entertainment sites were built. 53 DJs in 8 time zones were mixing online 24/7  on 10 tropical radio stations. But the traffic did not come. I was then tasked to solve the problem.

We had the best product, and no one was seeing it!!!

In the process of solving this, I discovered a great affinity for Search Marketing and Social Media. ZoukStation is still today the top destination for Zouk online, and when I left in 2005 Afrostation was the #1 African radio on the web. My love for SEO had just been getting deeper since then.

How I Got the Juice!

My name is Eryck Dzotsi but some people call me Juicy. Why? It began at work with a simple mispronunciation of my last name. How would you say “Dzotsi?” Well, it’s pronounced “Jo–Tee”, but when your co-workers can’t say your last name correctly, it becomes Juicy. What began as a joke around the office opened my eyes to something bigger. It was a moment of clarity, a shining ray of light in the midst of bad pronunciation and office tomfoolery.

I am an SEO, a pretty good one too. What I do, Search Engine Optimization is all about influencing organic search results for the success of websites online. Basically when people search for something, I make sure the search engines find the websites I want them to find. In the business we use link “juice” to provide ranking authority (vitality) to websites.

So The Juicy Search was born and I became the SEO superhero called the Organic Juicer (no cape, no tights), Putting the squeeze on the Internet to provide 100% Organic search results.

In all seriousness, I’m just having a little bit of fun learning about SEO and Social Media, and taking you with me on this marketing journey.

The Organic Juicer